Blog Generator softwares

I just happened to stumble upon this blog entry mister snitch . The blog talks abut blog generators which can generate blog accounts and also fill them up with random entries picked up from other blogs !

Whoa ! this is plagiarism at it bests. But on second thought, it seems a very creative idea. The software in discussion is called Voodoo Blogger. And on the website it says,

"It's already well proven that you can make a ton of money using blogs. It doesn't matter if you are using the blog to generate adsense (or similar) income, or if you are using them to boost link relevancy and popularity to one or more of your other sites."

And it helps you generate good hit rates by which AdSense income can be generated. Whether it is a considerable amount or not is debatable. But still innovative financial idea !!

How a mosquito screwed my Nokia 6600

Although this might seem like a well made up story / nice read, it is not. It is my personal harrowing experience about how 2 seemingly independent harmless events can interact to screw you up.

I regularly go to coimbatore to see my parents. After innumerable problems of bed bugs and mosquitoes with KPN travels and No.1 travels, I moved onto Sharma travels some time back. I thought that I had almost well settled with the buses that sharma plied, till yesterday night's travel.

I was on my return journey from coimbatore to bangalore. I was comfortably seated near a window hearing songs on my IAudio U2. Coldplay was numbing my thoughts till I heard,
" Unga native coimbatore aa ?",

I looked up and found my co-passenger trying to engage me in a conversation. 'Damn. ok Coldplay off you go', I thought to myself. And I replied, "Amam vadavalli, neenga ?"

It was 10:30 pm and the chill december night wind gently brushed my face as the bus started off. ( Only 15 minutes late;-) ).
'Good atleast I can be home early and take a short nap', this was me again.

After an interesting conversation my co-passenger bid goodnight and I went back to my iAudio. Finally after sometime I had just dozed off when an insolent mosquito managed to wake me up.

And that my friends was the end of a good sleep for me ! The mosquito bitch was probably looking to start some blood bank for A1+ve. It went on feeding on my poor self.

Within no time I was scratching all over me. And the female in the front row probably thought that I has some psoriasis or something ! Well as the mosquito spread its reign to the front rows, she too found the reason for my writhing ;-). I could hear her anklet jingling every now and then. And I thought to myself, " Well, I am not the only one to suffer" ;-).

After some amount of struggle I hit up on a brain wave. Or rather I thought that I had hit a brain wave for which I was to repent later. I use my Nokia 6600 quite extensively and have quite some interesting applications. I had installed Opera for S60 phones and had my GPRS connection enabled as well. My idea was to install the Anti-Mosquito application which promised to do away with pestering mosquitoes !

And So in the middle of the night, travelling on a bus from Coimbatore to Bangalore, I was browsing on my 6600 looking for an mosquito repellant application for my mobile phone. How geeky ;-).

Finally after gr8 deal of browsing I downloaded the application. And as fate would have it, even my Airtel GPRS connection which used to break away for every fickle reason held on till I had downloaded the application.

Then I installed the application and waited for the magic to work ! "tchh... tchh..." , I was still trying to ward of the damn thing. The damn insect was probably deaf or something and my idea didn't work. Somehow I managed to doze(on and off) and reach Blore. With huge sigh of relief I arrived home and took a hasty nap.

And as for my 6600 , It was well screwed up by the Anti-mosquito application. And later as I found to my chagrin, it was a mobile trojan masquerading as an useful application.

And So I ended up losing all my installed applications, contacts and photos just because of a mosquito bitch ! ;-) "Damn my arms still itch !!"

Online RSS Aggregators

While stumbling on the Net I found a nice open source online RSS Aggregator called Bloxor . After seeing bloglines and Google Reader I have been thinking about moving to one of these online aggregators.

But Bloxor was quite amazing. It has a nice XUL based interface which blends well with my Firefox ;-) . Also it has auto feed discovery. Well what that means is that from any URL it automatically discovers RSS feeds.

For example, if I give this blog's URL , it automatically finds out the RSS feed which is a really nice feature. (It probably appends standard rss feed URL substrings like rss, atom, node etc to the base URL and checks whether the result is some ATOM feed XML file. )

Also it has nice Firefox / Mozilla bookmarklets. While ur browsing any site just click on these bookmarklets. Bingo ! The Bloxor automatically finds the RSS feed of the site (if any exists) and adds it to your Bloxor Blogroll ! Whoa ! Thats some feature !

DRM in audio Industry

Just yesterday I bought the latest album X&Y by Coldplay. Although I didn't notice it then, the CD is DRM copy-protected. DRM is the latest nuisance on the street for the average consumer.

These measures are not going to even bother the mass production piracy operations leave alone stopping them. The only result is to irritate legitimate users like me.

This particular record is by EMI. They went to the extent of updating windows media player components and disallowing accessing the audio CD from other players like Winamp.

Finally I was able to rip the whole CD from Isobuster tool. Bye bye DRM ;-)

Recent developments in DRM in the audio industry have not been healthy. There was an article in CNET about how sony has recently come up with some copy protected CDs that install rootkit on the PC. So using the particular CD in question opens your PC to attacks. This backdoor is already being exploited by a Trojan. Sony has instructions about uninstalling this rootkit at this website. CNET has an article on this sony issue at its website.

And finally the icing on the cake is the fucking immunity clause in fine print. It clearly shirks responsibility in case of any damage to the PC because of the DRM software. Shocking !!!

So will sanity ever be restored ? For now it seems like downloading mp3 is a lot better option as compared to DRM protected Audio CDs.

Atleast this has discouraged me from buying any DRM protected CDs. So what you gonna do ?

Posting from my 6600

Just 2 days back I enabled GPRS on my airtel connection. And here I am posting a blog using Opera browser from my 6600. 3 cheers to series60 & opera.

Rahman's World Tour - Bangalore Leg

After the Rahman's world tour concert at bangalore I was expecting a news item "Bangalore's rain plays spoilsport". Instead I was pleasantly suprised to see this positive article in the Sunday's daily about how rahman enthralled the few present at the venue.

However positive the article might be my own experience was pretty awful. Me and Mahesh (my roommate) started from home at 5:00 pm. Our first mistake was to go in a bike. On the way there was huge downpour and we weren't sure about the route. So by the time we landed in Palace grounds we were quite drenched.

The rain stopped a bit which kept our spirits and hopes flying high. But then when we went inside it started drizzling again. There was no sign of Rahman and gang. We stood there for another half an hour in the rain and were totally drenched.

Although AK (one of my other friend who booked the tickets) stayed back , me and mahesh thought it better to return. But the concert started sometime later at 9:00 pm and continued till 12:00 am.

In short it is an experience that I wouldn't like to remember ! ;-)

Deer Park Rocks !

First and foremost for the uninitiated Deer Park is the codename for Mozilla Firefox 1.5. Recently Mozilla has released a Beta version.

I have been a long time follower of firefox from the days it was called Firebird. But since firefox 1.0 my interest has slightly dampened and didn't quite follow it up with the same enthusiasm.

Mostly the roadmap and the changelogs showed very few new features and hence didn't evoke much interest. But then I saw one of my friend govar's blog on firefox 1.5 and planned to check it out.

My first few observations are that there has been some optimisation on startup time. Also there has been some tweaking in the rendering engine since pages seemed to be rendering faster( It can even be due to my excitement ;-) ) .

The next feature really floored me. The fast forward and fast back has been a feature that has been under discussion for sometime. But this is the first time I really saw how firefox does it.

It is really damn fast. Infact I loaded 6 web pages from 6 different web sites. Still it was within 1 second ;-)

SO Deer Park aka Firefox 1.5 really rocks !!!

Have it As You Like It !

One of my friends forwarded me this quite interesting wedding invitation today (well it wasn't his marriage but it was just a fwd email).

A review on iAudio U2 - my latest mp3 player

iAudio U2 is the new stylish and elegant compact flash based mp3 player from JetAudio.

It offers an interesting blend of easy operability with a multitude of interesting features which makes it one of the hits currently in the market.

The player measures only 73.8mm X 25.0mm X 18.0mm and weighs just 34 grams. It fits very snugly into your palm as can be seen in the picture.

iAudio U2 is my third mp3 player and clearly has been the best (Earlier I owned a flash based 64MB classic mp3 player and later a 4GB micro drive based creative MuVo^2). It can play MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and ASF format files. It also consists of a FM-Receiver, Direct MP3 recording from FM, Line-in and in-built microphone. The player also features dynamic playlists, playlist navigation, sound effects, clock and lyrics support.

The iAudio U2 boasts a cool blue backlit 4 line 128x64 LCD display. Although initially the display might appear crammed, you will learn to appreciate the amount of details that are available and is quite easy to comprehend as well. It shows the folder, artist, album, track names, time elapsed/ remaining, current time, progress bar, file format info and it-rate info.

The features are controlled using 3 buttons. It has a record button (REC), Play/Pause button on the top side and a 5-way navigation rocker to the right of the LCD display. It also has a hold slider which prevents accidental operation of controls.

The rocker provides easy access to all the functionalities through a menu. It also enables access to the current playlist. The menu is neatly is organized and provides nice animation to improve the user WOW experience.

The player provides true, rich bass through 7 interesting sound controls (BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround, Pan, play speed and 5-band Equalizer). The effect is quite impressive even with the low quality cresyn-brand earphones that come with the box.

The FM is pretty good and scanned all the channels in my place. The FM Input can be directly recorded into MP3 with multiple bitrate options. Although one drawback is that the FM uses the earphone wire as an antenna. Hence the quality of the FM depends on the earphone length.

Recording from microphone is not up to the mark. One reason might be that the mic input needs to be placed very near to the sound source. The output mp3 volume will have to be spruced up with some mp3 post processing on the PC. Sometimes it also produces a clicking sound in between which will probably fixed by future firmware upgrades. But still it serves its purpose. The same goes for line-in recording also. It produces a continuous hissing sound.

There is a clock as well which keeps running even if the player is switched off. It has a sleep timer which can be used to switch off the player after a certain amount of time.

It also features a wakeup alarm that can be used to start playing music from a specific time. An interesting use of the alarm is to start FM recording at a specific time so that programs can be recorded automatically without manual intervention.

The PC connectivity is through 2.0 USB. There is mini-B port on the player with a nice cover on top. It also gets charged simultaneously while connected to the USB drive. The lithium-polymer in-built battery gets charged from nil to full within 2 hours and provides up to 15 to 20 hours of playback. The player gets recognized as a removable drive without any driver with Win2000. Particularly JetAudio has pleased Linux freaks like me by supporting the standard USB mass storage protocol. Hence the player can be used as a storage device with Linux and Mac without any hassle.

It also plays mp3 with lyrics. The lyrics will have to embedded into the mp3 using the LDB Manager. This differs from how the lyric is set for the JetAudio software that is bundled along with the installer CD. It would have been much better if the lyrics tag in the ID3v2 had been used. This might be a good item to fix in the future firmware upgrades.


The player easily slips into your pocket because of its small form factor (73.8mm X 25.0mm X 18.0mm) and weighs only 34 grams including the battery.

Menu is well designed to provide easy access to all the features and settings.

The 5-way rocker control is a clear winner for iAudio U2. It makes operations a snap with a single-handed control of all features.

The variety of audio effects which provide a rich bass sound differentiates the player from other similar players in the market.

Direct recording to mp3 with different bitrate options provides more recording time.

The display is well designed and appears very neat.

The player also has lyrics support which has to be separately added using LDB Manger software provided by JetAudio.

The cover provided with the box fits nicely with the player and prevents the display from getting scratches.

JetAudio gives Formware Upgrades regularly even adding new features. For example very recently ogg file support , play speed were all provided through firmware upgrades.


The earphones bundled with the box are shoddy. It is very awkwardly shaped and doesn’t fit well in ears at least for me. A pair of good earphones is a must.

The manual that comes with the box doesn’t explain all the features and some of them are left to the user to explore.

The installer CD doesn’t contain all the necessary software. For example the LDB Manager needed for creating lyrics and the JetLogo needed to create Logo will have to be downloaded from the iAudio website.

Setting up the Lyrics is a little awkward. JetAudio software uses Lyrics Maker whereas the iAudio mp3 players use LDB Manager. These 2 are incompatible with each other. Ideally the same method should have been used in both the software and the hardware players. But being a Software Engineer myself I can understand how product development works ;-).

A little pricey compared to other similar players in the market.

The in-built battery will have to be replaced after probably 2 to 3 years based on the usage.

The mic and line-in recording are not good and contain lot of noise.

About Blogger For Word Feature

Blogger has recently come up with a nice feature Blogger for Word. It is an add-on for MS-Office Word which enables you to create & edit posts from Word itself.

The feature is pretty good and is fairly easy to use. My last post Bad Airtel Customer Service was through Blogger for Word.

Once the Blogger setting is done it is as good as editing with Word.
Further you can use the features of Word like spell checking and grammar checking although I haven’t tried whether all the formatting features of Word can be used.

Bad Airtel Customer Service

Recently I had gone on a kshetradanam to South Canara in Karnataka. Unfortunately while staying at Mallige Lodge in Udupi, my Nokia 6600 was stolen from the room.

As soon as I found that the mobile was missing I decided to call the Airtel customer service and block my SIM as well as the IMEI. On a Nokia phone you can find the IMEI number by keying the hash code *#06#.

So I called up Airtel 24 hour customer service number 98450 12345 and was greeted by
a dismembered automated voice response system “Welcome to Airtel customer service, Press 1 if you want in English , 2 for Hindi, 3 for Kannada”.

After 2 more such queries I finally ended up giving my phone number. My request was queued while Rahman tried his best to soothe my nerves with his airtel tunes, the only time I hated listening to AR Rahman’s tune.

I waited on the line for 1 minute, 2 minutes…. 3 minutes…. 5 minutes and finally was disconnected from the line. I tried croaking ‘Hello’ on the phone for sometime before finally deciding that Airtel’s pathetic service would be of no use.

While Airtel’s ads have been boasting of service availability even in remote inaccessible places, its service in urban Bangalore itself is awful. Most of the time the phone calls are disconnected after 1 minute and hasn’t improved even after complaining umpteen times.

Will it ever improve ?

A new outlook

OK. I agree the thoughts on the blog are still the same and will still be the same in future. So whatz the change in outlook ?

I was just talking about the looks of the blog. Since I added Google search and Ads I found that the space provided by the previous template for the sidebar wasn't enough to squeeze in both these features.

But I didn't have enough time to change the blog design. But 2 weeks vacation has given me enough time to pick up a newer template.

For sometime I tried tweaking the old one. Although it was easy to tweak the colors and other such parameters I foud this nice pleasant template and changed it.

Easier to use a new one rather than changing the old one ;-)

If you feel that anything more can be changed do put them in the comments section.

Thought for the day: Weakness

I am a avid follower of KBC 2 since it started 2 weeks back. Usually at the start of the serial Amitabh Bachan gives a short speech which most of the time is pretty good.

This time he had an anecdote to share that is presented here in my own words.

There was a person who had a big paunch. Once he went with one of his friends for shopping.

When his friend suggested a small T-Shirt, he dismmised it saying, "The T-Shirt is not designed well since it reveals my big waistline."

His friend replied back, " The problem is not with the T-Shirt but with your big paunch."

So the moral of the story is don't blame others for your weakness. Instead improve yourself and convert your weakness into a strength. That is the way to success.

Identifying counterfeit Indian Rupees

I mostly use citibank online banking facility. But since arun wanted a demand draft I had to visit the citibank branch near South end circle last friday.

While at the branch I noticed a circular about the security features that each of the Indian rupee notes have to desist anit-social elements from generating counterfeit notes.

The 500 rupee note has around 9 security features, each of which is created using special techniques. Some of the features like the watermark and the security thread are well known to everybody.

But did you know,
1. that the note is printed in variable colour ink a.k.a colour-shifting ink so that numeral 500 will be visible in green and blue at certain angles.
2. On the top side , to the right of the Gandhi image, the number of the denomination (ie 500 in this case) is written as Latent Image. The lettering will be visible only when viewing it by keeping it horizontal to the eye.
3. Numbers are also printed in flourescent ink and hence can be viewed with ultra violet light.
4. On the front (left side) and the back (right side) there is a small floral design. The front design is blank while the back side design is filled. When seen against light both of them should match to form a single floral design.

Apart from these, it also has features to help the visually impaired. The numbers and certain other features are prined in Intaglio printing ie raised prints. This allows the visually impaired to recognize the denomination.

One more feature that helps the visually challenged is the Identification mark. These are small shapes (Vertical Rectangle - Rs20, Square-Rs50, Triangle-Rs100, Circle-Rs500, Rs.1000-Diamond) found on the left side of the note.

The Indaglio printing and the Identification mark are one of the reasons why the RBI has ruled stapling of notes as illegal.

Also people should know more about these features since finally these are created for our benefit. Finally I request who ever reads this post to refrain from writting on notes since they might overshadow some of these security elements on the note.

To know more about these features visit RBI website.

Ignorance is not bliss !!! ;-)

Google indexes me !

Just yesterday we had managed to setup my roommate arun's laptop to access the NET through the WiFi hotspot that we had setup earlier. And any guesses for the first website that we tried out ?

Yeah thatz right it was google . From the time google burst on the web it has been on the top with new inovations and has always been a little special.

So I was really surprised when my site was listed by google search . Me and my room mates have been trying quite some time for this and my room mate rajakumar had proudly announced some time back that google Ad Sense had started working at his blog.

But after the good part comes that sad part. Google is yet to index my blog. So as of now only my blog URL can be searched in google ;-).

WiFi spot @ home

My roommate arun recently bought a Linksys WLAN Router.

So with the arrival of the Router 2 days back our home has one more thing to boast about a "WiFi Hotspot".

My roomate rajakumar has covered the whole idea of connecting our BSNL broadband to the WLAN router @ his blog

So I wouldn't add anything more about the how to configure WLAN Router with a BSNL broadband which also provides a router.

But it felt really good to get hands dirty with routers , networks and some real thinking on how to get the configurations working. ;-)

We finally configured my roommates Dell Laptop yesterday night and got the WiFi access up and running !!

If ambi/remo/anniyan was in bangalore

wakes up in the morning 6:00 am unable to sleep the whole night because of street dogs...
(thinks to himself) first I will have to report to anniyan about dogs and the negligence
of the muncipality in dealing with the dog menace.
But I wonder how anniyan will punish the dogs ? he he he...

waits for the newspaper to arrive for a long time and finally arrives at 7:30 am. He curses the
paper boy and picks up the paper to find that it is not "Hindu" but it is "Times Of India"..
Again makes a mental note to log this on Anniyan's website....

Finally gets ready to goto office in his TVS 50. As soon as he gets on the street he finds
people walking all over the place... Another mental note added.

The street lights are all on.. (note number 3), bad roads (imagine banerghatta road)
(note number 4), driving on the wrong side in one way (note number 5) , drivers jumping
signal (note number 6) ... and phew finally reaches office.

Switches on his PC and opens outlook and sees 10 junk mails... and
thinks more work for anniyan.. and logs into and files the report and hopes that
anniyan can set everything right ... ;-)

(To much of frustration causes ambi to switches to anniyan )..

Finding himself infront of a PC.... goes to unfortunately gets a message
"cannot fing page 404 error"(the server is down since it couldn't handle all the traffic)...
tries 3 , 4 times and gets the webpage but it loads slowly...

(thinks to himself) first thing I need to get more badwidth and I should hire some
consultants to manage the web server. Also I should maintain a cluster for the servers....

Opens the complaint box and finds 23,45,67,12,356 complaints... His head gets dizzy....

Then after regaining his composure picks one complaint based on the random number generator
that he had recently written....(Happy with himself for having done atleast some technical
work apart from the daily boring routines of checking gmail and orkut etc ...he he he !!)....

The complaint was logged by a person ambi about bad roads... So he first plans to inspect the
city to find out which roads are bad and whom he should punish ....

Anniyan starts from banerghatta road and finds it bad ,
reaches banerghatta circle (bad fly over), wants to take a right turn to silk board but
couldn't because the construction is not yet over(makes a note to punish the builder) and
takes a left turn and sees lot of people going in the wrong direction ( makes a note to deal
with these people later on)... goes to lot of places in bangalore and finds bad roads everwhere
he ! he! he!!! (thinks to himself ) first I need a project plan to deal with so much bad
roads .... finally ends up at MG Road...

Immediately his head starts to ache and Remo is born... Remo has his fun time in MG road and
brigade road going to barrista , and amoeba....

He sees an ambulance driver switching on the siren just to get himself out of the traffic (nice
idea though)... his head aches and anniyan comes back.. looks at the people around and thinks
why is he around here still and gets back to home....

Then transforms into ambi...

I need to buy a home for myself.. let me pick up a FreeAds... Buys freeAds and looks at the cost
of houses and gets a shock .... 20x30 site for 1 crore , apartments priced exhorbitantly high..
brokers creating the artificial bubble ...More work for anniyan...

Immediately anniyan surfaces
Come on ambi .. give me a break...enough of complaints... accept life in baglaore as it is...
I cannot do anything even if I hire 200 people and work 24x7 .....
Everybody has an anniyan within himself who gets angry on seeing atrocities... Unless the
anniyan in each person arises and kills the bad one life will not change
and vanishes....

spam comments ? What next.....

I was casually browsing through websites searching for some information on periyar wildlife sanctuary and I happened to stumble upon a blog by a person named anita.

Although the blog didn't contain any information that I was looking for there was something interresting which I noticed.

In the comments section there were comments from Adult DvDs, debt consolidation which really shocked me (Take a look at the comment section in the post).

Till now my understanding was that these were just part of spam mails. This is the first blog where I have seen such spam.

Probably spam is still in early stages in blogs. But I am sure that pretty soon this is going to be a menace as it is now with respect to mails.

So are we going to see some move from the blog server regarding this problem ? (Keeping my fingers crossed). And till that time probably we need to moderate our comments (painful task if those comments are going to be spam ads).

My Best Friend's Wedding

This monday, 27th June, one of my best friends, Vasanth got married in the city of salem. He united in wedlock with yogalakshmi.
My roommates have been pretty diligent in reporting the event in their respective blogs (lord's blog and baby's blog). One of the better habits of being a e-otting member ? ;-)
The marriage photos are also posted at rajastravel, one of lord's lesser known photo blog.

The marriage was an opportunity to catch up with the happenings in my friends' circle.
I met my college classmates senthil kumar (both smart and solai) , veera , senthil nathan , velayudham , film (karthikeyan) , nambi, ravi shankar , nandakumari , thangam and her husband prasad , some of my juniors harish , ganguly ( his nickname, I still don't recollect his real name! ) , suman , jai ganesh.

Our stay was well taken care of by Vasanth and was a very good break from the ususal weekends. The only problem was the weather in salem. I was visting salem after 4 long years and the weather hasn't changed a weebit.

But we made a short trip to yercaud that offered us some respite from the salem weather.

Yercaud datasheet:
location - a small hill-station around 35kms from salem.
travel route - takes around 1.5 hrs from salem by road largely due to the 20 hair-pin bends.
size - around 64 villages.
crops - coffee , pepper.
places to visit - lady's seat , gent's seat , pagoda point , raja rajeshwari temple.

As with all the other hill stations in south India, it was established by the British (probably since the weather suited them). Also it has magnesite mines from which aluminium is extracted.

The 2 days brought back the sweet memories of the college hostel times, the round table (mokkais) , the overnight movies. There was not even a single moment when I felt alone or bored.
And the final card game on the train was the jewel on the crown. Although I felt that it would not be possible, vig simply made it possible. Hats off to vig's sporting spirit. This trip definitely goes down as one of the best moments.

KDE Improving !

First, for the uninitiated KDE is one of the many desktop environments available for Linux. Other notable ones are GNOME , wmaker , XFCE.

This blog entry is about an interesting article in LWN(Linux Weekly News) published today, about Usability studies in KDE.

Usability studies improve the quality of GUI and analyze if from the point of view of the user rather than the developer. Most commercial OSes do usability studies on their GUI to improve user WOW experience.

Till now, my general feeling has been that open source applications don't do any usability analysis. As a result they ususally don't have an intutive UI inspite being rich in features. The features will ususally be hidden somewhere, waiting to be discovered by the user ;-) [ Just my thought, no flames needed]. Or in case of applications that have a good UI, they are generally based along the same UI design and apprearance as the commercial version.

So today I was suprised to find that there is an OpenUsability movement which aims to brings together open source developers and usability experts so as to improve the quality of open source applications.

It is good news that some thought has gone into these aspects keeping the general user's interest in mind. This is a welcome sign to all Linux users. So with improvements in KDE and other open source applications we can soon expect a more user friendly Linux desktop.

Solaris Opening Up !

Sometime back MS created waves by sharing Win CE source code , although with a limited capability for the community to develop or contribute.

But it was really surprising to see Sun open up its latest version of Solaris - Solaris 10 to the Open Source Community.

OpenSolaris is based on the CDDL License which is a OSI approved License which is more open that what MS did. Also by granting the use of around 1600 patents somehow Sun is trying to pull developers from the Linux community.

Although on the face of it , it looks as if Sun is trying to embrace the community, there is still some missing link. The patents can be used only if the derivative is also CDDL licensed( according to the intial news, I haven't seen the license text) and not any OSI license as IBM had done sometime back with around 500 licenses.

In broader terms this means that they want to restrict Linux from using these patents. Also it offers a nice reason for developers to move from GNU(read Linux) to CDDL(read OpenSolaris) since they are offering indemnification from infringement.

Let us see if Sun can pull this one trick on Linux.

Kappi - Oru Amirtham

The one thing I surely miss while I am away from my home in Coimbatore is a refreshing cup of hot brewing filter coffee. Coffee plays on ones visual as well as olfactory senses. The imagination of a hot, brunneous kappi with a nice froth on top with a unique bitter-sweet taste makes my mouth water.

Most coffee lovers like their coffee bitter with a tinge of sweetness. The milk should be thick and shouldn't be diluted with water. The coffee decoction should also be thick and should have a strong colour.

To get the right decoction you need a good coffee powder ( obviously you would say... ) . It should be mixed with the right amount of Chikory. Chikory makes the coffee decoction stronger.

For the conniseurs even coffee is available as beans in the market. The beans can be roasted and powdered as and when needed.

And Better to use a filter rather than a coffee maker.

So here are the steps to produce a fresh hot kappi, the palakkad brahmin way ;-) .
1. Boil the milk without any water.
2. Make a fresh decoction of coffee. Take care not to make it too watery.
3. Add the decoction to the coffee till the colour is a deep brown. Add small amount of Sugar.
4. Use a container and a glass to create the froth on the top. Good thick milk makes it easier to create a nice froth.

And there you go !!! Have a good morning....

For other coffee delicacies goto

Incessant Rain in Bangalore

The recent 2 weeks has seen bangalore suffering under a heavy lash of torrent rain. These are some clippings taken with my Nokia 6600.

A Flooded Street in BTM Layout - Taken from an Auto.

Curious Onlookers

What happened to the Drainage System ?

Atleast one thing to be happy about is good supply of water this summer ;-)

But humour apart this rain has left lot of poor people on the streets ... :-(

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To be (Duped) or Not To Be

I recently read one of my friend's posting at Police On Board.

That reminded me an incident which I had personally experienced some time back.

I frequently keep visiting my home town Coimbatore, where my parent stay. This happened during one of such innumerable travels.

It was a saturday morning. I had got down from the train and was waiting for the town bus to arrive. The sun having risen quite some distance from the horizon. People were scurrying around like ants. Auto-rickshaw drivers were trying to get some customer. The Taxis vying with them for the same purpose.

I was physically present but my mind was thinking about what I was going to do for the next 2 days ( Usually nothing other than staying at home). That is when I saw this old woman( must have been around 65 years of age). She looked very weak and was toterring towards the bus stop.
I heard her saying to a nearby person, "I have to go to the Government Hospital. I haven't has any food for 2 days. Please give me some money". The person just ignored her as if she was non-existent.

She continued her walk and presently came to me. Frankly speaking, I usually ignore beggars. But some thing made me react. I told her that I will not give her any money but instead will get her some food. I took her to a nearby tea shop and bought her a loaf of bread and also gave her 5 rupees for travelling to the hospital.

That was the end of the incident and I had totally forgotten about it, until some 2 months later I chanced to see the old woman again.

I was on one of my usual 2 day visit to coimbatore. And suprising I had stirred out of my home to go to Gandhipuram. I had just parked my bike near the "Souma Complex" when I saw the same old woman begging around.

I was angered to find that I had been clearly duped by this old woman. I was infact even thinking about having a word or 2 with ehr about it. But then I choose to ignore her and returned home.

Then later on when I thought about it, I felt that I had acted very childish. Here was an old lady who couldn't work and didn't have any body to depend on in her old age. Still I felt duped/frustrated by her behaviour at the railway station.

And there have been numerous such occasions where I have been cheated or I felt cheated. But lets remember the better things in life ;-)

Way to go government sector ;-)

Although recently we have been on a high with the installation of a BSNL dataone broadband connection ( check the blog at Internet @ 63,4th Main and ADSL Broadband @ our house by my room mates), I am a little apprehensive about the data limit, BSNL's capability to measure the data limit.

This is our first month with the broadband and hopefully we don't get any hefty bills.

But more surprising is the callous attitude the government services display. Any private sector service provider would first have worked out the business model and the charging model and the related infrastructure.

For example any new service introduced by the cell phone operators will involve a way of charging the service intelligently based on the usage model.

But recently when we called up this BSNL help line to find out how to go about finding this data usage, we were given a pathetic software which just shows the data transmitted and received by the PC in the network. Now how in the world am I supposed to find out the data rate if I am using 2 PCs (since the BSNL provides a modem router and getting a hub wouldn't cost much ... he he ).

I was thinking that BSNL could have as well provided a web interface to access the information that they maintain for each dataone user, till I read this blogBeware! BSNL's DataOne Broadband service ahead. My heart almost jumped a beat.

Now it looks like BSNL doesn't have any concrete way of measuring this data usage. So it is going to be a long wait for the first telephone bill for us ;-)

The power of Music

Recently Mark Knopfler was in the city to swing the bangloreans. It was the first time I had gone to a concert.
So I had kind of mixed feelings about it.

Although knopfler's voice was nowhere near his original husky but heavy voice, he let his guitar speak for himself.

The sound effects and lighting set up the initial expectations.

He started of with a bang with "Why, Aye Man" and continued with some of his best collections including "The sultans of Swing", "Brothers In Arms" , "Money For Nothing" and "Walk Of Life".

Apart from knopfler the crowd too was a interesting mix of people ;-)

On one side there was this guy dancing as if he was on the verge of a brain wrecking fits.
Infact at one point in time I thought of handing him a iron key ( and saving his life the tamil movie way ;-) )

And there was this curious young teenager in front of me. Whenever knopfler burst into rapturous guitar compositions she shook here head so violently that I was afraid that she might faint.

On the other hand there were this cuddling couples who reminded me the Fevicol ad
"Yeh Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai, tootega nehi" (This is Fevicol's strong bond that won't break).

It looked like they needed some private time rather than mark knopfler's music. ;-)

Finally with knopfler's music ladden heavily in my head and a slow murmur of tunes in my mouth I returned back home ;-)

In the end I don't regret for having gone to this one concert.


How many times have you felt "What can't I be him ?"

You feel that quite often.
If you are a car buff you feel that intense desire when you see someone going in a imported Vanquish or a Toyota Cruiser !!!

I feel it quite often when I see my friends.

Why can't I be as well-organised as Lord ?

Why can't I be as determined as Deva ?

Why can't I be as versatile as AK ?

And when I see Nag, I am totally frustrated at my inability.

But then again there is a saying in Tamil which goes
"Ikkaraikku Akkara Pachchai"
translates to "The grass is always greener on the other side"

Maybe I too have something good in me .... ;-)) ( See I am optimistic )

Dwaraka Bhavan

Bangalore is always projected as a Hi-Tech city. But yesterday I had a chance to see for myself how bangalore would have been some 25 to 30 years ago. I had gone to a small eat-out called Dwaraka Bhavan in Basavanagudi. The building was a old one although I should add that it is still maintained in such a good condition. I had gone along with 2 of my teammates for snacks. The hotel is famous around Basavanagudi for its nice and soft Dosas ( a South Indian Delicacy). And I had some lovely madur vadas and a nice hot brewing coffee. By the way madur vada gets its name from a place called Madur which is on the way from Bangalore to Mysore.

The good food actually got me thinking how many such good restaurants do you find now-a-days ? Some how things have changed very fast though not for the good. Now a days we find most of the restaurants charging heftily for half baked food. Infact some even go to the extent of adding soda in the food or using rotten vegetables. I just hope that things get better in the future.

With these thought I slowly walked back to my office. Reality check.. Wakeup... Back to work... ;-)