Manager wisdom

The joke below was a mail fwd.. ;-) So I am not the author...


A team of young budding Managers were given an assignment to measure the height of a flagpole.
So the Managers discussed and put up a project plan with roles and responsibilities. The
Manager who was responsible for organizing the resources went out and got a ladder and a tape.

The tape measure was just the ordinary tape of 6 feet.

The lead manager assigned another manager to go on top of the pole and start the measure. They
were falling off the ladders, dropping the tape measures - the whole thing was just a mess.

An Engineer came along and saw what they' were trying to do. He walked over pulled the
flagpole out of the ground, laid it flat, measured it from end to end, gave the measurement to
one of the managers and walked away.

After the Engineer went away, one manager turns head to another and laughs.

"Isn't that just like an engineer? We're looking for height and he gives the length"

Moral: No matter how good engineer you are, Manager always finds fault in you.

If looks could kill

Hmmm..... yeah I know what you are thinking... Those famous lines "If looks could kill".

But those lines really made me think, is there any one whom everybody agrees as being "good looking".. hmmm... let me think ... hmmmmm.... none. :) Suprising isn't it ?

Thatz the point. Every person has a perception about looks and beauty. Probably what looks beautiful to me may not appeal to you.

When I think of beauty my mind conjures up dark skies, lush green fields, hokkenekal falls, the statue of the court dancer in Belur, the Nandi of Brihadeshwara temple, my mom, dad, bro, sis-in-law, frenz, srihan, prince of persia, Age of Empires... and I can keep going on and on...

But as it is said beauty will forever lie in the eyes of the beholder. Every person makes his own choice of what is beauty.

நல்லா எடுக்கறாங்கயா போட்டோ

கடைசியா ஒரு வழியா நம்மலால ஒன்னும் காதலிச்சு கிழிக்க முடியதுன்னு வீட்டுல புரிஞ்சுகிட்டாங்க.. ஆனா அது வேரு ஒரு நால் deal பன்ன வேண்டிய topic.. So இப்போ matterக்கு வருவோம்.

செரி கண்ணா பொண்ணு பாக்கலாம் ஒரு ந்ல்ல போட்டோவா குடுன்னாங்க. பு இவ்ளோதானா matterன்னு இதுக்காக எடுத்து வெச்சிருந்த நம்ம archives எல்லாம் அலசி போட்டோக்கள பாத்தா ஒன்னுல கூட நாம இல்ல. எல்லாம் பூ, செடி, கொடி, கோவில் கோபுரம்ன்னு எடுத்து வெச்சிருக்கோம்.

okay.. No டென்சன் ரிலாக்ஸ்...
இருக்கவே இருக்கு நம்ம ஆபத்பாண்டவன் IAB ( இப்போ பேரு portrait gallery ). அங்க போனா நம்ம தல(photographer) இப்டி திரும்புங்க அப்டி திரும்புங்க மேலே பார் கீழே பார்ன்னு நொங்கெடுத்துட்டாரு....

கடைசியில நம்ம நெனச்சது ஒன்னு நடந்தது ஒன்னு... ஹிரோ மாதிரி வரும்னு பாத்தா நம்ம எதோ யாரு மேலயோ காண்டா இருக்கற மாதிரி போட்டோ வந்திக்கு.

So friends rather take photos when you r not looking at the camera... ;-)

Indian Cricket Team

The demi-gods have finally crashed,

And the hopes of a nation dashed,

100 crore souls scream for blood,

For it has happened what we dread,

When all that was required was 255 runs,

They sqandered playing like dunce,

“Kill them, burn them” is what you hear now,

But there is something that you all know,

Three months hence, two series later,

All this past is a forgotten disaster,

The gods will be hoisted again,

And the pedestal will they regain,

But that is the lane of cricket,

And the way it sways hearts is intricate,

But unless things are changed,

About the way cricket is managed,

The demi-gods will fall again and again,

Fall again and again.

The pace of development

Have seen it in bangalore and I am seeing it now in coimbatore.
The local panchayat authorities @ vadavalli coimbatore have finally decided to provide a ope sewage in periyar nagar area.

Although the development itself is to be welcomed, what is irritating is the lethargy shown in the implementation.

For the past 1.5 months they have just dug up around 2 by lanes and I haven't really seen anybody working on it now. I guess by this time developed countries would have build a whole super highway. ;-)