Dwaraka Bhavan

Bangalore is always projected as a Hi-Tech city. But yesterday I had a chance to see for myself how bangalore would have been some 25 to 30 years ago. I had gone to a small eat-out called Dwaraka Bhavan in Basavanagudi. The building was a old one although I should add that it is still maintained in such a good condition. I had gone along with 2 of my teammates for snacks. The hotel is famous around Basavanagudi for its nice and soft Dosas ( a South Indian Delicacy). And I had some lovely madur vadas and a nice hot brewing coffee. By the way madur vada gets its name from a place called Madur which is on the way from Bangalore to Mysore.

The good food actually got me thinking how many such good restaurants do you find now-a-days ? Some how things have changed very fast though not for the good. Now a days we find most of the restaurants charging heftily for half baked food. Infact some even go to the extent of adding soda in the food or using rotten vegetables. I just hope that things get better in the future.

With these thought I slowly walked back to my office. Reality check.. Wakeup... Back to work... ;-)