Kappi - Oru Amirtham

The one thing I surely miss while I am away from my home in Coimbatore is a refreshing cup of hot brewing filter coffee. Coffee plays on ones visual as well as olfactory senses. The imagination of a hot, brunneous kappi with a nice froth on top with a unique bitter-sweet taste makes my mouth water.

Most coffee lovers like their coffee bitter with a tinge of sweetness. The milk should be thick and shouldn't be diluted with water. The coffee decoction should also be thick and should have a strong colour.

To get the right decoction you need a good coffee powder ( obviously you would say... ) . It should be mixed with the right amount of Chikory. Chikory makes the coffee decoction stronger.

For the conniseurs even coffee is available as beans in the market. The beans can be roasted and powdered as and when needed.

And Better to use a filter rather than a coffee maker.

So here are the steps to produce a fresh hot kappi, the palakkad brahmin way ;-) .
1. Boil the milk without any water.
2. Make a fresh decoction of coffee. Take care not to make it too watery.
3. Add the decoction to the coffee till the colour is a deep brown. Add small amount of Sugar.
4. Use a container and a glass to create the froth on the top. Good thick milk makes it easier to create a nice froth.

And there you go !!! Have a good morning....

For other coffee delicacies goto http://db.uwaterloo.ca/~alopez-o/Coffee/coffaq.html#HowToBrew

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