Blog Generator softwares

I just happened to stumble upon this blog entry mister snitch . The blog talks abut blog generators which can generate blog accounts and also fill them up with random entries picked up from other blogs !

Whoa ! this is plagiarism at it bests. But on second thought, it seems a very creative idea. The software in discussion is called Voodoo Blogger. And on the website it says,

"It's already well proven that you can make a ton of money using blogs. It doesn't matter if you are using the blog to generate adsense (or similar) income, or if you are using them to boost link relevancy and popularity to one or more of your other sites."

And it helps you generate good hit rates by which AdSense income can be generated. Whether it is a considerable amount or not is debatable. But still innovative financial idea !!

How a mosquito screwed my Nokia 6600

Although this might seem like a well made up story / nice read, it is not. It is my personal harrowing experience about how 2 seemingly independent harmless events can interact to screw you up.

I regularly go to coimbatore to see my parents. After innumerable problems of bed bugs and mosquitoes with KPN travels and No.1 travels, I moved onto Sharma travels some time back. I thought that I had almost well settled with the buses that sharma plied, till yesterday night's travel.

I was on my return journey from coimbatore to bangalore. I was comfortably seated near a window hearing songs on my IAudio U2. Coldplay was numbing my thoughts till I heard,
" Unga native coimbatore aa ?",

I looked up and found my co-passenger trying to engage me in a conversation. 'Damn. ok Coldplay off you go', I thought to myself. And I replied, "Amam vadavalli, neenga ?"

It was 10:30 pm and the chill december night wind gently brushed my face as the bus started off. ( Only 15 minutes late;-) ).
'Good atleast I can be home early and take a short nap', this was me again.

After an interesting conversation my co-passenger bid goodnight and I went back to my iAudio. Finally after sometime I had just dozed off when an insolent mosquito managed to wake me up.

And that my friends was the end of a good sleep for me ! The mosquito bitch was probably looking to start some blood bank for A1+ve. It went on feeding on my poor self.

Within no time I was scratching all over me. And the female in the front row probably thought that I has some psoriasis or something ! Well as the mosquito spread its reign to the front rows, she too found the reason for my writhing ;-). I could hear her anklet jingling every now and then. And I thought to myself, " Well, I am not the only one to suffer" ;-).

After some amount of struggle I hit up on a brain wave. Or rather I thought that I had hit a brain wave for which I was to repent later. I use my Nokia 6600 quite extensively and have quite some interesting applications. I had installed Opera for S60 phones and had my GPRS connection enabled as well. My idea was to install the Anti-Mosquito application which promised to do away with pestering mosquitoes !

And So in the middle of the night, travelling on a bus from Coimbatore to Bangalore, I was browsing on my 6600 looking for an mosquito repellant application for my mobile phone. How geeky ;-).

Finally after gr8 deal of browsing I downloaded the application. And as fate would have it, even my Airtel GPRS connection which used to break away for every fickle reason held on till I had downloaded the application.

Then I installed the application and waited for the magic to work ! "tchh... tchh..." , I was still trying to ward of the damn thing. The damn insect was probably deaf or something and my idea didn't work. Somehow I managed to doze(on and off) and reach Blore. With huge sigh of relief I arrived home and took a hasty nap.

And as for my 6600 , It was well screwed up by the Anti-mosquito application. And later as I found to my chagrin, it was a mobile trojan masquerading as an useful application.

And So I ended up losing all my installed applications, contacts and photos just because of a mosquito bitch ! ;-) "Damn my arms still itch !!"

Online RSS Aggregators

While stumbling on the Net I found a nice open source online RSS Aggregator called Bloxor . After seeing bloglines and Google Reader I have been thinking about moving to one of these online aggregators.

But Bloxor was quite amazing. It has a nice XUL based interface which blends well with my Firefox ;-) . Also it has auto feed discovery. Well what that means is that from any URL it automatically discovers RSS feeds.

For example, if I give this blog's URL , it automatically finds out the RSS feed which is a really nice feature. (It probably appends standard rss feed URL substrings like rss, atom, node etc to the base URL and checks whether the result is some ATOM feed XML file. )

Also it has nice Firefox / Mozilla bookmarklets. While ur browsing any site just click on these bookmarklets. Bingo ! The Bloxor automatically finds the RSS feed of the site (if any exists) and adds it to your Bloxor Blogroll ! Whoa ! Thats some feature !