How many times have you felt "What can't I be him ?"

You feel that quite often.
If you are a car buff you feel that intense desire when you see someone going in a imported Vanquish or a Toyota Cruiser !!!

I feel it quite often when I see my friends.

Why can't I be as well-organised as Lord ?

Why can't I be as determined as Deva ?

Why can't I be as versatile as AK ?

And when I see Nag, I am totally frustrated at my inability.

But then again there is a saying in Tamil which goes
"Ikkaraikku Akkara Pachchai"
translates to "The grass is always greener on the other side"

Maybe I too have something good in me .... ;-)) ( See I am optimistic )


Rajakumar said...

To support your optimism, I too feel

Why can't I be as omnipotent as you?

Everybody has their pros and cons. It will be better if we could understand what we are capable of. Just a comparison, if all the fingers are of same size, i think it will not serve any of its purpose.

Jo said...

there's always something special bout yourself that makes ppl envy you. it's just that you don't realize it.

cheer up!!

Arunkumar said...

Raj, even i used to get a lotta thoughts like this. I guess there are a lot to be admired in each individual but unfortunately only others find it.

I find a lot to be admired about u.

There's a special joy in living as urself which cant be matched if u live like someone else.
My 2 cents


coolkrishnan said...

If everyone is like person X, then this world would be too boring. Each of us contribute knowingly or unknowingly to the beauty of this world.

Though I too have felt like you many times in the past, I feel that by seeing the uniqueness in yourself, you start loveing yourself more. That makes you more content. Only when you love yourself, you can love others.

I can't think of a single person in this world who can match the friendly, lovable and thoughtful Raj !