spam comments ? What next.....

I was casually browsing through websites searching for some information on periyar wildlife sanctuary and I happened to stumble upon a blog by a person named anita.

Although the blog didn't contain any information that I was looking for there was something interresting which I noticed.

In the comments section there were comments from Adult DvDs, debt consolidation which really shocked me (Take a look at the comment section in the post).

Till now my understanding was that these were just part of spam mails. This is the first blog where I have seen such spam.

Probably spam is still in early stages in blogs. But I am sure that pretty soon this is going to be a menace as it is now with respect to mails.

So are we going to see some move from the blog server regarding this problem ? (Keeping my fingers crossed). And till that time probably we need to moderate our comments (painful task if those comments are going to be spam ads).


Mona said...

Not a spam comment at all...I found you by randomly leafing through blogs.

But that's a great this the next thing we'll have to worry about?


Thanks for the warning. Like your site!

vortechs said...

One thing you can do to prevent this on your blog is to only allow registered users to comment...limits free speech a bit, but it makes it harder for spammers.

Rajakumar said...

Hey Raj, It will be great if you allow your full post to get syndicated. I see only a part of it in the bloglines.

Change your blog settings -> Site Feed -> Description to Full.

rajagopalan said...

@mona: hey thanks for dropping in.

@vortechs: thanks for the suggestion. This probably seems to be one way to block such spam.

@rajakumar: Hey , it already set to full desciption. I don't know why you are facing problem. Probably a bug in blogger ? ;-)