Online RSS Aggregators

While stumbling on the Net I found a nice open source online RSS Aggregator called Bloxor . After seeing bloglines and Google Reader I have been thinking about moving to one of these online aggregators.

But Bloxor was quite amazing. It has a nice XUL based interface which blends well with my Firefox ;-) . Also it has auto feed discovery. Well what that means is that from any URL it automatically discovers RSS feeds.

For example, if I give this blog's URL , it automatically finds out the RSS feed which is a really nice feature. (It probably appends standard rss feed URL substrings like rss, atom, node etc to the base URL and checks whether the result is some ATOM feed XML file. )

Also it has nice Firefox / Mozilla bookmarklets. While ur browsing any site just click on these bookmarklets. Bingo ! The Bloxor automatically finds the RSS feed of the site (if any exists) and adds it to your Bloxor Blogroll ! Whoa ! Thats some feature !

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