Way to go government sector ;-)

Although recently we have been on a high with the installation of a BSNL dataone broadband connection ( check the blog at Internet @ 63,4th Main and ADSL Broadband @ our house by my room mates), I am a little apprehensive about the data limit, BSNL's capability to measure the data limit.

This is our first month with the broadband and hopefully we don't get any hefty bills.

But more surprising is the callous attitude the government services display. Any private sector service provider would first have worked out the business model and the charging model and the related infrastructure.

For example any new service introduced by the cell phone operators will involve a way of charging the service intelligently based on the usage model.

But recently when we called up this BSNL help line to find out how to go about finding this data usage, we were given a pathetic software which just shows the data transmitted and received by the PC in the network. Now how in the world am I supposed to find out the data rate if I am using 2 PCs (since the BSNL provides a modem router and getting a hub wouldn't cost much ... he he ).

I was thinking that BSNL could have as well provided a web interface to access the information that they maintain for each dataone user, till I read this blogBeware! BSNL's DataOne Broadband service ahead. My heart almost jumped a beat.

Now it looks like BSNL doesn't have any concrete way of measuring this data usage. So it is going to be a long wait for the first telephone bill for us ;-)