Thought for the day: Weakness

I am a avid follower of KBC 2 since it started 2 weeks back. Usually at the start of the serial Amitabh Bachan gives a short speech which most of the time is pretty good.

This time he had an anecdote to share that is presented here in my own words.

There was a person who had a big paunch. Once he went with one of his friends for shopping.

When his friend suggested a small T-Shirt, he dismmised it saying, "The T-Shirt is not designed well since it reveals my big waistline."

His friend replied back, " The problem is not with the T-Shirt but with your big paunch."

So the moral of the story is don't blame others for your weakness. Instead improve yourself and convert your weakness into a strength. That is the way to success.

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