How a mosquito screwed my Nokia 6600

Although this might seem like a well made up story / nice read, it is not. It is my personal harrowing experience about how 2 seemingly independent harmless events can interact to screw you up.

I regularly go to coimbatore to see my parents. After innumerable problems of bed bugs and mosquitoes with KPN travels and No.1 travels, I moved onto Sharma travels some time back. I thought that I had almost well settled with the buses that sharma plied, till yesterday night's travel.

I was on my return journey from coimbatore to bangalore. I was comfortably seated near a window hearing songs on my IAudio U2. Coldplay was numbing my thoughts till I heard,
" Unga native coimbatore aa ?",

I looked up and found my co-passenger trying to engage me in a conversation. 'Damn. ok Coldplay off you go', I thought to myself. And I replied, "Amam vadavalli, neenga ?"

It was 10:30 pm and the chill december night wind gently brushed my face as the bus started off. ( Only 15 minutes late;-) ).
'Good atleast I can be home early and take a short nap', this was me again.

After an interesting conversation my co-passenger bid goodnight and I went back to my iAudio. Finally after sometime I had just dozed off when an insolent mosquito managed to wake me up.

And that my friends was the end of a good sleep for me ! The mosquito bitch was probably looking to start some blood bank for A1+ve. It went on feeding on my poor self.

Within no time I was scratching all over me. And the female in the front row probably thought that I has some psoriasis or something ! Well as the mosquito spread its reign to the front rows, she too found the reason for my writhing ;-). I could hear her anklet jingling every now and then. And I thought to myself, " Well, I am not the only one to suffer" ;-).

After some amount of struggle I hit up on a brain wave. Or rather I thought that I had hit a brain wave for which I was to repent later. I use my Nokia 6600 quite extensively and have quite some interesting applications. I had installed Opera for S60 phones and had my GPRS connection enabled as well. My idea was to install the Anti-Mosquito application which promised to do away with pestering mosquitoes !

And So in the middle of the night, travelling on a bus from Coimbatore to Bangalore, I was browsing on my 6600 looking for an mosquito repellant application for my mobile phone. How geeky ;-).

Finally after gr8 deal of browsing I downloaded the application. And as fate would have it, even my Airtel GPRS connection which used to break away for every fickle reason held on till I had downloaded the application.

Then I installed the application and waited for the magic to work ! "tchh... tchh..." , I was still trying to ward of the damn thing. The damn insect was probably deaf or something and my idea didn't work. Somehow I managed to doze(on and off) and reach Blore. With huge sigh of relief I arrived home and took a hasty nap.

And as for my 6600 , It was well screwed up by the Anti-mosquito application. And later as I found to my chagrin, it was a mobile trojan masquerading as an useful application.

And So I ended up losing all my installed applications, contacts and photos just because of a mosquito bitch ! ;-) "Damn my arms still itch !!"


coolkrishnan said...

interesting ! Bus travel is a pain.... if not mosquitoes, the bad suspension or the defective pushback or fat co-passenger brushing me while he turns in sleep puts me off....

Meenakshi Sundaram said...

How true! Bed bugs and mosquitoes travel in KPN!

Meenakshi Sundaram said...

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