Rahman's World Tour - Bangalore Leg

After the Rahman's world tour concert at bangalore I was expecting a news item "Bangalore's rain plays spoilsport". Instead I was pleasantly suprised to see this positive article in the Sunday's daily about how rahman enthralled the few present at the venue.

However positive the article might be my own experience was pretty awful. Me and Mahesh (my roommate) started from home at 5:00 pm. Our first mistake was to go in a bike. On the way there was huge downpour and we weren't sure about the route. So by the time we landed in Palace grounds we were quite drenched.

The rain stopped a bit which kept our spirits and hopes flying high. But then when we went inside it started drizzling again. There was no sign of Rahman and gang. We stood there for another half an hour in the rain and were totally drenched.

Although AK (one of my other friend who booked the tickets) stayed back , me and mahesh thought it better to return. But the concert started sometime later at 9:00 pm and continued till 12:00 am.

In short it is an experience that I wouldn't like to remember ! ;-)

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