Identifying counterfeit Indian Rupees

I mostly use citibank online banking facility. But since arun wanted a demand draft I had to visit the citibank branch near South end circle last friday.

While at the branch I noticed a circular about the security features that each of the Indian rupee notes have to desist anit-social elements from generating counterfeit notes.

The 500 rupee note has around 9 security features, each of which is created using special techniques. Some of the features like the watermark and the security thread are well known to everybody.

But did you know,
1. that the note is printed in variable colour ink a.k.a colour-shifting ink so that numeral 500 will be visible in green and blue at certain angles.
2. On the top side , to the right of the Gandhi image, the number of the denomination (ie 500 in this case) is written as Latent Image. The lettering will be visible only when viewing it by keeping it horizontal to the eye.
3. Numbers are also printed in flourescent ink and hence can be viewed with ultra violet light.
4. On the front (left side) and the back (right side) there is a small floral design. The front design is blank while the back side design is filled. When seen against light both of them should match to form a single floral design.

Apart from these, it also has features to help the visually impaired. The numbers and certain other features are prined in Intaglio printing ie raised prints. This allows the visually impaired to recognize the denomination.

One more feature that helps the visually challenged is the Identification mark. These are small shapes (Vertical Rectangle - Rs20, Square-Rs50, Triangle-Rs100, Circle-Rs500, Rs.1000-Diamond) found on the left side of the note.

The Indaglio printing and the Identification mark are one of the reasons why the RBI has ruled stapling of notes as illegal.

Also people should know more about these features since finally these are created for our benefit. Finally I request who ever reads this post to refrain from writting on notes since they might overshadow some of these security elements on the note.

To know more about these features visit RBI website.

Ignorance is not bliss !!! ;-)

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