Deer Park Rocks !

First and foremost for the uninitiated Deer Park is the codename for Mozilla Firefox 1.5. Recently Mozilla has released a Beta version.

I have been a long time follower of firefox from the days it was called Firebird. But since firefox 1.0 my interest has slightly dampened and didn't quite follow it up with the same enthusiasm.

Mostly the roadmap and the changelogs showed very few new features and hence didn't evoke much interest. But then I saw one of my friend govar's blog on firefox 1.5 and planned to check it out.

My first few observations are that there has been some optimisation on startup time. Also there has been some tweaking in the rendering engine since pages seemed to be rendering faster( It can even be due to my excitement ;-) ) .

The next feature really floored me. The fast forward and fast back has been a feature that has been under discussion for sometime. But this is the first time I really saw how firefox does it.

It is really damn fast. Infact I loaded 6 web pages from 6 different web sites. Still it was within 1 second ;-)

SO Deer Park aka Firefox 1.5 really rocks !!!

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