a providential escape

For the past few months I had been busily looking out to buy a land in Coimbatore for my NRI brother ;-).

I had decided on particular site and was in talks with the broker, George Aldrien of Quality Houses(aka www.kovairealestate.com). Let me warn you that, although this guy behaves like real gentleman, do not ever go by his words. He almost managed to dupe us in a big way.

Even the lawyer I consulted, advocate Mr.Venkatesan(office at Arogyaswamy road, Coimbatore) had given a clean chit to the site. Just 2 days before the sale, we had a misunderstanding with the broker about the amount to be declared in the sale deed (which should be based on the government guideline value).

So my dad had gone to the sub-registrar office to ascertain the guideline value. Luckily for us, that proved to be our savior. We found out from the sub-registrar office that the land is under litigation and has in-fact been attached by the court. I called off the deal immediately.

If I had bought the land, I would be in a major soup now.
Phew, that was a real close shave and we were saved by God's grace.

Probably one good thing that I can take from this incident is that now I know what are the things to be verified when buying a land and also where I can get proper information.
So be careful when you buy a land. There are one too many people eager to dupe you. ;-)

Particularly, if you are buying from George Aldrien of Quality Houses(aka www.kovailrealestate.com) be really careful. If you are consulting advocate Mr.Venkatesan(office at Arogyaswamy road, Coimbatore) for legal verification, let me tell you that you would be better off looking out for a better lawyer.


kovairealestate said...

This guy Name is RAJAGOPAL. He told the story through this blog about our concern,we are doing realestate business in coimbatore last 7 years.Still we did not get any bad opinion from our clients.Except this BIG PERSON

This man and his father came to our office.After visit the site they are willing to buy.After that we gave the documents to them for advocate. this BIG PERSON choose the lawyer Mr.Venkatesan he is one of thge leading lawyer in coimbatore.Most of the housing finance companiea,banks are his clients.

B4 registration this BIG BRILLIANTS went to reg.office.After that this RAJAGOPAL Briiliant call us this site had some litication so we don't want that site.we say okay sir Thanks.

Still that time we did not get single paisa from there as ADVANCE.Thats our policy.Mean time we gave the EC,Show the original documents to his lawyer and also create sale deed.

above all things without expences.How it is possible?

We are professional Property consultants. we know the real customers. These peoples are .....

His LAWYER told Clear title.
EC told clear title.
Then whose told to them This is litication?

Just thing they having some problems. We decided the rate per cent 1,20,000Rs.After our great escape now we sale that site 2,25,000rs per cent.Thank god.

Bcas our business norms we did not ask any different price,and also without agreement we are gave the time to theBIG BRILLIANTS.

After the word of BIG BRILLIANTS we get goood price to our client(SELLER) Now one property developing company start the work.

RAJGOPAL Thanks for chance to open our feelings.

kovairealestate said...

Thats why you did everything without single paisa.

This is way of your tallent?Your fater one of the BANK MNGR.U also the ENGINEER. You both are only REAL GENTLEMAN.

We know about you after this problem.Daily take a calll taxi and roaming any where in the city in the name of property purchase.This is the hobby of your father.

You are the BIG BRILLIANT,thats why you told like this way.

please enrich your knowledge about day to day daily life.

I pray for you and your family to get the real knowledge

kovairealestate said...


This guy roam the city any where in the name of his NRI BROTHER.HE never purchase anything anywhere.

This is the hoby of (t)his family.

Some of his family problems they showing this drama.

Last may month second week we sold the site in good price.

we register that property the same registrar office. Now the proprty developers start(PLAN Approval) the work that site.

we are proove our ORIGINALITy.

That's all.

Please beware of RAJGOPAL

This DUPE MASTERS residing near by this site only.This RAJGOPAL real mental.He is real ILLITRATE.

rajagopalan said...

Well ... What can I say .. ;-) Anyway I am leaving all the comments without any kind of censor... Just look at the choice of words by "kovairealestate" and the kind of personal attacks...

"This is the hoby of (t)his family.

Some of his family problems they showing this drama. "

"This RAJGOPAL real mental.He is real ILLITRATE."

Well all I can say is that dude if you feel frustrated go bug somebody else. ;-)

Anyway as a footnote, it is better to miss a chance than buy a land and repent later. :)

coimbatore citizen said...

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coimbatore citizen said...


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