buggy ticket kiosk @ PVR

Last week I had booked tickets for a show in PVR(Forum Mall) using the kiosk available near the ticket counters. I generally prefer to use the kiosks since it is less crowded and easy to use.

But I was in for a shock when the machine churned out only 1 ticket even though I had chosen and paid for 5 tickets. For a second I was even confused whether I had entered the right numbers. Luckily I didn't book 4 more tickets.

But then I should say that the support staff were helpful. They were quick enough to identify the issue and made amends for the machine's mistake. However, if I had booked those extra 4 tickets I doubt that I would have got any money back from PVR.

So the next time you book tickets through the kiosk you better be careful !


Arunkumar said...

what kodumai saravanan :)

Arunkumar said...

machi, thx for the free advertising that you do for my blog. Much appreciated :)

by the way, arun in tamil has 3 suli "na".

rajagopalan said...

@arunkumar - dei thanks for the spell correction. And yes that was my intend. When blogger layout can support rss feeds why not publicise a few blogs... ;-)