Indian Cricket Team

The demi-gods have finally crashed,

And the hopes of a nation dashed,

100 crore souls scream for blood,

For it has happened what we dread,

When all that was required was 255 runs,

They sqandered playing like dunce,

“Kill them, burn them” is what you hear now,

But there is something that you all know,

Three months hence, two series later,

All this past is a forgotten disaster,

The gods will be hoisted again,

And the pedestal will they regain,

But that is the lane of cricket,

And the way it sways hearts is intricate,

But unless things are changed,

About the way cricket is managed,

The demi-gods will fall again and again,

Fall again and again.


Rajakumar said...

Classy da gops!

coolkrishnan said...

elegance personified da ! too good.

coolkrishnan said...
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