Changes in Bangalore Railway Station

I had been to the Bangalore railway station after a long time to receive my parents who were coming to the city for the first time.

Since I was visiting after a long time, I noticed quite some changes in the railway station. The main area near the entrance where used to be a deluge of passengers earlier has now been cleaned up. Now the place has been revamped with seats.

Also new ways of buying plaform tickets have been introduced. Infact I tried out buying platform ticket through SMS. With an Airtel connection, all you need to do is send a SMS "PFT" to 64629. The system sends you back an SMS with a code. Just enter this code on the machine kept in the main area( near the reservation counter ) and voila! you get a printout of the platform ticket. Hats off to the authorities for these changes, particularly the seats for the passengers.

But no matter whatever changes the notorious "Indian Standard Time" of the railways doesn't change. The Kochuveli express that was scheduled to arrive at 7:00 am finally after many a struggle arrived at 8:30 am ;-).


coolkrishnan said...

Try 139 phone service. amazing... tells u if a train is running late.... it has voice recognition for station names....

Cipson said...

Next time try out this